Sailing 2017

This years sailing trip is going South – we’ll start June 1st in Rouen, France (that’s where the boat is:), and head down the river Seine. First stop will be Honfleur, a pitoresque small town harbour in Normandie. Early on Saturday June 3rd the trip will continue down the English Channel, and follow the coast of Normandie and Bretagne, possibly with a stop at one of the Channel Islands Jersey/Guernsey, and continue down to Brest where we will stop to bunker up for the journey over the gulf of Biscay. The trip over Biscay should take 3-4 days and we may have to wait for good weather forcasts before going – the Gulf of Biscay is known for being quite rough, and it’s after all a small ocean crossing – however June should be a good month to cross, and we can spot dolphins and pelicans, and practice some deep sea fishing on the way, and after a few days at sea we should arrive at La Coruña, a port town in Galicia. The trip from Honfleur to La Coruña is 560 NM so it should be possible to do in 7-10 days, but again depending on the weather and the wind:)  It’s possible to join for half the trip, either the first or the second half, but it’s practical to get on board from the start in Rouen June 1st, or in the evening June 2nd in Honfleur, since they are easy to get to (train from Paris St Lazare). The only cost is that we split the food, harbor and diesel cost – approx 10 EUR per day per person. Let me know if you’re interested ( and I can provide more detail.

/Cpt P




One thought on “Sailing tour planning 2017

  1. Hi Peter,
    I’m a friend of Markus and would be interested in either trip this year.

    Hope things are going well in Colombia.

    Let me know what is the plan and what’s possible.


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